High-end Workstation Performance In a Compact Robust Solution

Extremely rugged, fanless and cable free, the DX-1000 based on the 6th / 7th generation Intel Xeon & core series processors pushes the boundaries of performance, functionality & reliability.

Designed to endure the harshest working environments as well as areas of high shock and vibration without the loss of performance makes the DX-1000 is one of the most advanced embedded computing solutions available on the market!

Flexible Expansion – Modular Design

With its flexible CMI (Combined Multiple I/O) & CFM (Control Function Module) Technology, the DX-1000 allows you to expand the I/O capabilities of the system thanks to its range of ready-to-use expansion modules.

These standalone modules are independent from the rest of the unit meaning that they can be replaced or upgraded without the need to purchase an entirely new system. With support for serial, M12 Ethernet & power ignition sensing, the DX-1000 ensures that you have the flexibility to meet your applications specific requirements.

Extreme Performance – Advanced Functionality – Application Driven

The DX-1000 is designed to withstand operating temperatures of between -40°C to +85°C thanks to its fanless architecture and rugged construction. The DX-1000 harnesses the raw processing power of Intel’s 6th / 7th generation server grade Xeon & desktop grade Intel Core series processors, offering expansive I/O capabilities and with its compact design, even in space limited environments, the DX-1000 can still offer the performance required for the most demanding, high-end applications.

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