Next Generation Embedded System
Rugged, fanless and cable free, the DI-1000 fanless industrial computer, based on the 6th generation Intel core series processor pushes the boundaries of performance, functionality & reliability. Designed to endure the harshest working environments as well as areas of high shock and vibration without the loss of performance, the DI-1000 series is one of the most advanced embedded computing solutions on the market!

Flexible Functionality
With its flexible CMI (Combined Multiple I/O) & CFM (Control Function Module) Technology, the DI-1000 allows you to expand the I/O capabilities thanks to its range of ready-to-use expansion modules. These standalone modules are independent from the rest of the unit meaning that they can be replaced or upgraded without the need to purchase a whole new system. With a variety of options available including serial or M12 Ethernet, the DI-1000 ensures that you have the flexibility to meet your applications specific requirements.

CMI (Combined Multiple I/O)
Combined Multiple I/O (CMI) is a technology created by Cincoze to allow the user to expand various types of I/O through a rugged, compact and flexible connection.

CFM (Control Function Module)
Control Function Module works slightly differently to Combined Multiple I/O (CMI) in that it enables function enhancement by adding specific control boards such as ignition sensing.

Fanless / Industrial / Powerful
Heavy duty metal protects the DI-1000 from the harsh rigors of any industrial environment, designed to operate in temperatures of between -40°C to 70°C thanks to its fanless architecture. The DI-1000 series harnesses the raw processing power of Intel’s 6th generation Core series processors, offers expansive I/O capabilities and with its compact design, even in space limited environments, the DI-1000 can still offer the performance required for the most demanding of applications.

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