Rack Mount PCs & Servers

    1U, 2U and 4U Rack-Mount PCs designed for 24/7 operation. Easily customised or branded to suit your needs.

    Fanless Computers

    Fanless PCs for low power, high performance or IoT applications. Offering high reliability and flexible configuration.

    Panel PCs & Monitors

    Panel PCs supporting Windows, Linux or Android. Industrial, commercial and fully IP rated options available.

    Position / Navigation / Time (PNT)

    Highly configurable time servers, military inertial positioning systems and GNSS simulators from Orolia.

    Pre-Certified PCs

    Industrial PCs tested to rail, military, marine, medical and in-vehicle standards, reducing risk and saving money.

    Military Solutions

    Military grade computing, positioning and timing solutions designed for mission critical applications.

    AI Inference & Deep Learning

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the ability to innovate and advance conventional practices and business operations.