What Is A Custom System?

There are two levels of custom systems. A semi-custom system is designed to meet your needs, using only off-the-shelf components. Whereas a fully customized system will be designed from the ground up to meet your requirements and could therefore contain a number of custom components, such as PCBs, chassis & cabling.

Why Use A Custom System?

The most obvious reason is because there is no off-the-shelf system available that meets all of your project requirements. However, using a custom system may give you some competitive advantages, such as additional functionality, smaller size, longer availability or improved aesthetics.

What Customisation Services Do You Offer?

Chassis Design
Steatite can design a custom chassis from scratch, with a low MOQ of just 50 pieces.

Windows Embedded O/S Design

A custom Windows Embedded image will give you a reliable and repeatable software base for your application software.

Cable Assemblies

This includes basic cable assemblies, all the way up to IP-rated military grade cabling.

Modified BIOS

A modified BIOS that has all of your default settings hard-coded, further enhances the reliability of the computer system. Custom branding options are also available.

Test Procedures

Our standard test processes are very thorough and are usually sufficient to guarantee long-term reliability of the system, but we can incorporate specific test procedures at your request.

Custom PCBs

We can both design and manufacture custom PCBs to meet specific project requirements.