At Steatite, we pride ourselves on providing well engineered military and industrial computers that are reliable, fit for purpose and competitively priced.

Every Steatite computer is engineered to exacting standards. Each system is designed to operate flawlessly within the intended environment, whether it is subjected to extremes of temperature, moisture, vibration or any other punishing environment.

Since 1985 we have been designing and manufacturing embedded PCs, and our wealth of experience and attention to detail, from initial design, through the development process, and to final testing and deployment, ensures that each Steatite industrial computer is the perfect fit for its intended application.

Our engineering team have successfully delivered solutions to meet some extremely challenging requirements, and we believe that this sets us apart from our competition. With particular expertise in the design & customisation of chassis, electronics and Windows embedded operating systems, our customers know that they can depend on Steatite to provide the perfect computer for the long term.

Full System Design

With a Steatite computing solution, you can be sure that your machine has been carefully designed and assembled to meet your exact requirements. Our team of highly experienced engineers will work with you to determine the technical requirements and operating environment to ensure that the final solution fulfills every element precisely, while being sensitive to your commercial requirements.

Chassis Design & Branding

Having a system that is uniquely your own can help to distinguish your product from your competitors’ who might just use off-the-shelf computer hardware. With the ability to design a chassis to meet your exact technical requirements, in your corporate colours, with your logo and branding throughout, Steatite can help to add that value to your product.

Product Test & Certification

As you would expect, all of our systems are designed to meet CE standards for electromagnetic compatibility and safety. We’re also experienced in the design of systems to meet specific environmental and electromagnetic requirements including FCC, UL, MIL STD, TEMPEST & LAN Class A, among others and have in-house capability to carry out pre-compliance checks to many standards, saving time and money.

To ensure our systems meet the standards required for your project, Steatite have the ability to test and certify our systems and provide detailed test reports and industry standard certification, helping you to prove to your customer that the solution meets their requirements.

Long Term Supply & Lifecycle Management

The long-term availability of the proposed system is carefully considered and maximised during the design process by selecting key components that will be in production for up to 15 years. During a system’s life, we can monitor components for revision changes and obsolescence and will notify you of any impending changes and help to manage the transition to the new component.

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