system design and branding

System Design & Branding

With a Steatite computing solution, you can be sure that your machine has been carefully designed and assembled to meet your exact requirements.

Our team of highly experienced engineers will work with you to determine the technical requirements and operating environment to ensure that the final solution fulfills every element precisely.

Long Term Supply

The long term availability of the proposed system is carefully considered and maximised during the design process by selecting key components that will be in production for up to 7 years.

During a system’s life, we will continue to monitor components for revision changes and obsolescence and will automatically notify you of any impending changes and help to manage the transition to the new component.

Chassis Design & Branding

Having a system that is uniquely your own can help to distinguish your product from your competitors’ who might just use off-the-shelf computer hardware.

With the ability to design a chassis to meet your exact technical requirements, in your corporate colours, with your logo and branding throughout, Steatite can help to add that value to your product.