Windows Embedded IoT

Running a standard Windows O/S on a single-use industrial computer is fraught with risks – for example, what would happen if Windows decided to perform an update and automatically rebooted your CCTV system while a robbery was taking place? Or you lost power to all of your tills, causing hard disk corruption which then results in closed checkouts and engineering call-outs? Clearly these are the kind of issues that it would be best to avoid – this is where Windows Embedded and Windows IoT come in.

No Forced Windows Updates

Many people don’t realise that Windows 10 OEM will force all internet connected PCs to install patches and updates automatically, potentially resulting in software compatibility issues and unscheduled system reboots. Windows 10 IoT is the only way to get full control over Windows updates – you can even switch them off entirely!

Prevent System Corruption

Windows Embedded and IoT operating systems are designed to work reliably for years and years, often without any human interaction and they do this with help from tools that prevent unauthorised software from running and write protect your files to keep your O/S install ‘factory fresh’.

Run Standard Windows Applications

Whichever Windows operating system you have used for your software development, you can be sure that there will be a Windows Embedded IoT O/S that it will run on. If in any doubt, speak to us about a trial Windows Embedded IoT O/S to be sure.