High attenuation smart enclosure

High Attenuation Smart Enclosure (HASE)


Electronic devices such as laptop computers leak electromagnetic emissions that can be detected and used to decipher live data from the device. Such eavesdropping, known as Van Eck Phreaking, can reveal live data from the target device with surprising clarity. Once regarded as the domain of governments and the military, there is growing concern that this type of eavesdropping may be used in many other more conventional situations, such as business, finance and research.

Protect your sensitive material from eavesdropping by Shielding your laptop or other electronic devices with a Steatite High Attenuation Smart Enclosure (HASE).

Engineered to provide peace of mind

The Steatite HASE has been meticulously designed and engineered to provide a high level of shielding to a standard device, such as a laptop, securely enclosed within the cabinet. The HASE offers comparable performance to a Level A TEMPEST laptop computer. In tests, the HASE achieved levels in excess of 80db of attenuation. The enclosure is fitted with a range of industry standard connectors, but also offers the flexibility to customise according to specific requirements.

A full shielding solution

The HASE is intended to be connected to external TEMPEST peripherals for optimal shielded setup combining screen, keyboard, mouse and shielded cables. With all components shielded to TEMPEST Level A standards, electromagnetic leakage will be maximally reduced thereby providing very high levels of security.

Portable, quick and easy to setup

Portability and ease of setup are important considerations in a shielded enclosure that could be used in a range of non-secure environments, and the HASE is no exception. Removable fold-down carry handles and a lightweight but robust aluminium construction make the cabinet easy to move. The enclosure provides ample space for a standard laptop with mains power adaptor, whilst integrated smart switching fully isolates external connections when the drawer is opened. Power is provided by a highly filtered mains power connector to eliminate conducted emissions. 5V 1.5A USB power is also provided.

Custom connections

The HASE is fitted with a range of industry standard I/O connectors providing the most commonly used interfaces. For situations where more specific connectivity is required, these ports can be fully customised as necessary to match user requirements. Simply give us a call to discuss your needs and we’ll let you know what’s possible.

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