At Steatite, we use industrial memory modules as standard in all of our systems to maximise reliability and simplify product testing and approvals. Here we explain some of the advantages of industrial RAM when compared to the consumer-grade alternative.

Fixed BOM’s

To ensure ongoing compatibility with the application, industrial RAM can be supplied with a fixed bill-of-materials, meaning none of the component parts will change.

It is common for consumer memory to use different DRAM chips between production batches, potentially resulting in unexpected behaviour or incompatibility.

Long Term Availability

Consumer memory is generally at the cutting edge of technology, moving rapidly with new developments, but this does mean that particular modules can be discontinued at a moment’s notice.

With Industrial RAM, the focus is on providing a stable solution that will be in production for a number of years without any changes, and with plenty of warning of before it is discontinued.

Wide Temperature

Industrial memory modules are designed for use in extreme temperatures from -40 to +85°C, whereas consumer RAM generally support temperatures inside the PC of only 0 to 60°C.

Conformal Coating

An optional coating that protects the DRAM module against moisture, dust, corrosion and electrical & thermal conduction.

Side Fill

DRAM chips are usually only held in place via the solder connection between the chip and PCB, which has the potential to fail in harsh environments due to shock, vibration or extreme temperature.

Optional resin-based side fill technology on industrial RAM provides a strong bond between the PCB and chip, protecting chips from these stresses.


Sulphur is prevalent in many industries. When silver alloys in the DRAM chip encounters sulphur gasses a corrosion reaction occurs. This sulphuration causes lower conductivity and can quickly lead to product failure.

Some industrial DRAM modules have a protective layer over the vulnerable parts to safeguard the silver alloys.

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