Position, Navigation & Timing

Resilient PNT. Timing. GNSS Simulation.

Our comprehensive range of precision timing servers, positioning systems and GNSS simulators offer flexible configuration to make them suitable for a wide variety of applications, while being easy to upgrade in the future to support new standards or additional requirements.

With resiliency at their core, our timing and positioning systems augment traditional GNSS with cutting edge technologies to ensure continued operation if your GNSS signal is interrupted or lost.


Orolia PNT

Highly configurable position, navigation and timing system in a low SWaP VITA 75 form factor. Resilient multi-reference GNSS/oscillator/IMU design with optional SAASM and KVH750 support.

Resilient timing systems available in both 1U and low Swap VITA 75 form factors, utilising multi GNSS, high-grade oscillators and advanced software algorithms to ensure reliable timing. Support for NTP, PTP, 1PPS, 10MHz, IRIG, SAASM, and more.

GNSS simulators ensure repeatable testing for both R&D and production line applications. Support for all GNSS constellations, jamming, spoofing, environmental conditions and hypothetical scenarios.

Orolia UAV



A range of oscillators, from entry-level TCXO, all the way up to low phase noise rubidium, mean that you can select the most appropriate configuration for your application, ensuring that you don’t pay for more performance than you require.

I/O & Interfaces

Each timing and PNT system employs a modular approach to I/O interfaces, meaning they can be easily customised to support the specific requirements of your application.

Protocols / Software

Additional timing protocols, test processes and functionality can be added through software customisation and upgrades.

Custom IMU Support

The VersaPNT supports a range of IMUs ‘out-of-the-box’, and it is possible to add support for additional IMUs through software upgrades.

Easy Future Upgrade

Through their modular design, all systems can be easily upgraded in the future to support additional I/O, new features, or specific software profiles.

Ensuring Consistency & Reliability 

Long Product Life

All products are designed and manufactured in-house by Spectracom, meaning components can be selected to ensure long-term product availability.

Long Term Support

All products come with long-term 3-5 year warranties as standard, and technical support is available for many years following product discontinuance.


With the military, financial institutions, enterprise and industrial customers relying on the hardware that we supply, reliability is just as important as functionality. All devices are built using high quality components and are thoroughly tested during manufacture.

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