Steatite’s range of COM Express, Qseven, ETX and SMARC modules are available with the latest Intel, AMD and ARM CPUs. Ideal for medium and high volume applications that require a simple upgrade path when new CPU technologies become available.

The ability to design to design a carrier board to suit your specific space and I/O requirements, means that you no longer have to make do with an off-the-shelf board, or design a complete processor board from scratch.

Steatite’s engineers can work with you to simply the process of designing a base board for your application.

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  • COM Express

    COM Express provides the CPU and chipset in a modular form factor for integration with your I/O solution.

  • Q7

    The Q-seven is a single board computer which integrates all the core components onto a single carrier card.


    SMARC is a versatile small form factor targeting applications that require low power, low costs, and high performance.

  • ETX

    ETX includes the standard functions required for almost any application, such as graphics, Ethernet, audio, keyboard/mouse, serial and USB ports.

  • Key Features

    • COM Express Type 6 Compact
    • Intel E38xx/N2930/J1900 CPU
    • 8GB Memory Supported
    • 8GB ~ 32GB eMMC Storage
    • Supports PCIe Expansion
    • -40°C ~ 85°C Operating Temp*

    Quick Overview

    The cExpress-BT is a COM Express Type 6 compact size module supporting the Intel Atom E3800 series / Intel Celeron N2900/J1900 CPU (Bay Trail). The cExpress-BT is specifically designed for . . .

  • Key Features

    • COM Express Type 6 Basic
    • AMD R-Series APU
    • A77E Fusion Controller Hub
    • 16GB Memory Supported
    • Supports PCIe Expansion
    • -40°C ~ 85°C Operating Temp*

    Quick Overview

    The Express-BE is a COM Express Type 6 basic module supporting AMD R-Series APU (Bald Eagle) with A77E Fusion Controller Hub. The Express-BE is specifically designed for customers who need . . .

  • Key Features

    • ATX Form Factor
    • COM Express Type 6
    • PCIe/PCI Expansion
    • AT/ATX Power Input
    • 0°C ~ 60°C Operating Temp

    Quick Overview

    The Express-BASE6 is an ATX size COM Express Type 6 reference carrier board. Together with the COM Express Type 6 module of your choice and off the shelf add-on cards, . . .