Steatite design and supply a range of industrial computers that meet the certification requirements the are mandatory for certain industries, helping reduce cost, risk and time to market.

Fully certified – Certified computers have been fully approved to given industry standards by a recognised test house.
Compliant – Compliant PCs have been informally tested to particular standards, but are not fully certified.
Designed to meet – Industrial computers designed to meet particular standards help to reduce project risk.
Fast time to market – Industrial PCs designed to meet particular standards means you can launch you product sooner.
Reduced risk – A PC that has been tested to industry standards reduces the risk of certification failure significantly.
Lower cost – Both development costs and certification costs are reduced significantly by using an industry-specific PC.

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  • Military Grade PCs

    Military grade computers designed to meet MIL STD 810 & 461, DEF STAN 59-411 & 00-35 for shock, vibration and EMC.

  • Rail Compliant PCs

    Rail Compliant computers, monitors and touchscreen PCs. Perfect for on-train CCTV, passenger information and Wi-Fi.

  • TEMPEST Rated PCs

    Fanless PCs, rack-mount computers and KVMs design to meet TEMPEST level B protection against eavesdropping.

  • Marine Approved PCs

    EN60945 and DNV 2.4 compliant fanless industrial computers and touchscreen panel PCs for use on ship.

  • IP Rated PCs

    Fully IP65, IP66, IP67 and IP69K rated waterproof and dust-proof industrial fanless PCs and stainless steel touchscreen computers.

  • In Vehicle PCs

    Touchscreen PCs and fanless computers designed for in vehicle applications and to meet eMark and ISO 7637 standards.

  • Medical Certified PCs

    EN 60601 rated touchscreen computers and fanless PCs ideal for PACS applications or for integration into medical equipment.

  • Axiomtek GOT810-845

    Key Features

    ­• IP66/69K All Round Protection.
    • Stainless Steel 316 Enclosure.
    • M12 Screw-In Connectors.
    • Resistive or PCAP Touch.
    • Fanless Cooling.
    • -10 to +50°C Operating Temp.

    Quick Overview

    The Axiomtek GOT810-845 is a rugged, IP66 rated panel PC featuring the Intel® Celeron® N3060 processor, up to 8GB memory capacity and support for Windows based operating systems.

  • Axiomtek P6105 / P6125

    Key Features

    • EN50155 Rail Certified.
    • 24V DC or 110V DC Input.
    • -25 to +55°C Operating Temp.
    • HDMI, and DVI-D input.
    • Resistive Touchscreen.
    • 1024 x 768 Resolution.

    Quick Overview

    The Axiomtek P6105 & P6125 range of rail approved monitors have capacitive multi-touch displays and support dual HDMI, VGA & DVI video input.

  • IEI S19M/S24M

    Key Features

    • IEC 60945 & DNV Certified.
    • Dimmable to Zero.
    • DVI, VGA & Composite Input.
    • RJ45 for Remote Control.
    • 50,000 Hour Backlight MTBF.
    • Redundant Power.

    Quick Overview

    The IEI S19M & S24M range of IP66 rated marine approved monitors have capacitive multi-touch displays and support dual VGA, DVI & composite video input.

  • IEI S19A/S24A-QM87

    Key Features

    • IEC 60945 & DNV Certified.
    • Dimmable to Zero.
    • Isolated LAN, COM, CAN and DC.
    • -15 to +55°C Operating Temp.
    • Optional Remote Management.
    • Capacitive Multi Touch Display.

    Quick Overview

    The IEI S19A/S24A-QM87 series of marine panel pcs harness the power of the Intel® Core™ i5-4400E CPU, can hold up to 16GB DDR3L memory and supports Windows based operating systems.

  • ADLINK AVA-5500

    Key Features

    • EN50155 Certified for Rail.
    • NVIDIA P1000 to P5000 Support.
    • 8 x M12 Ethernet (inc. 4x PoE).
    • 24V to 110VDC Input.
    • Isolated LAN and Serial.
    • Up to 7x Display Outputs.

    Quick Overview

    Powered by an Intel® Core™ i7 CPU and integrated NVIDIA Quadro MXM module, ADLINK’s EN50155 certified AVA-5500 AIoT Platform comes supports up to 32GB DDR4 memory and either Windows or . . .

  • IEI IVS-110-AL

    Key Features

    • E-Mark Certified for In Vehicle.
    • GNSS, CAN, DIO, Serial & USB.
    • -30 to +70°C Operating Temp.
    • 4G (dual SIM) and G-Sensor.
    • 9 to 36VDC Input.
    • ACC Ignition Control.

    Quick Overview

    The IVS-110-AL is an in-vehicle embedded computer with on board Intel® Atom™ x7-E3950 quad core processor, 4GB DDR3L memory pre-installed and support for Windows 10 IoT Enterprise operating system.

  • Axiomtek eBOX800-511-FL

    Key Features

    • IP67 All Round Protection.
    • -30 to +60°C Operating Temp.
    • 9 to 36VDC Input.
    • WiFi/BT/4G Option.
    • M12 Serial, LAN, USB & VGA.
    • TPM 1.2 Built In.

    Quick Overview

    The eBOX800-511-FL is a fanless embedded system with Intel® Core™ i5-7300U or Celeron® 3965U on board processor, up to 16GB DDR4 system memory and support for both Windows 10 IoT . . .

  • Axiomtek GOT610-837

    Key Features

    • EN60721-3-5 Certified.
    • Class 5M3 and MIL-STD 810F.
    • Isolated LAN, COM, DIO & CAN.
    • Optional WiFi/BT/4G.
    • -30 to +55°C Operating Temp.
    • Wide 9 to 60VDC Input.

    Quick Overview

    The GOT610-837 is a 10.4″ XGA panel pc featuring the Intel Atom® E3845 quad core processor, 4GB DDR3L system memory and supporting Windows based operating systems.

  • Axiomtek Agent336

    Key Features

    • E-Mark In Vehicle Certified.
    • -40 to +70°C Operating Temp.
    • 2 x Mini PCIe Slots (inc. SIM).
    • Isolated CANBus and DIO.
    • ACC Ignition Control.
    • Wide 9 to 36VDC Input.

    Quick Overview

    The Axiomtek Agent336 is a small and compact embedded system with a i.MX 8M Processor, 2GB LPDDR4 memory on board and either Linux or Android based operating system support.

  • Axiomtek_UST100-504-FL

    Key Features

    • ISO 7637-2 In Vehicle Compliant.
    • -40 to +60°C Operating Temp.
    • 3 x Mini PCIe slots (inc. 2x SIM).
    • 4G/GNSS/WiFI/BT Option.
    • 24VDC Input with Ignition Control.
    • Remote Management Software.

    Quick Overview

    The Axiomtek UST100-504-FL comes with on-board 7th generation Intel® Core™ or Pentium® processors along with up to 16GB DDR4 memory and support for both Windows & Linux operating systems.

  • Key Features

    • EN50155 Certified for Rail.
    • Isolated COM, LAN, DC, DIO & CAN.
    • 24V and 110V DC Power Options.
    • Programmable Function Keys.
    • -25 to 70°C Operating Temp.
    • Auto Dimming High Bright Display.

    Quick Overview

    Both the GOT710-837 & GOT712-837 are rail certified panel PCs that utilises the on board Intel Atom® E3845 processor, 4GB DDR3 memory and supports both Windows & Linux based operating . . .

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