• Military Rack Mount PCs

    Military Grade Rack Mount PCs That Are Designed To Run In The Harshest Of Environments.

  • GNSS Simulators

    GPS/GNSS Simulators Are Scenario-based Instruments That Combine A Powerful & Feature-rich Platform For GPS Testing.

  • Timing Solutions

    Many Industries Require Precise Time & Frequency Synchronization For A Range Of Applications Including Networking.

  • Wide Temperature COM Express Modules

    Industrial COM Express & Q7 Modules Offering Wide Temperature Operation & Up To 7 Year Availability.

  • Positioning Systems

    Ideal for autonomous vehicles and airborne payloads. It is the GPS + INS that enables a valuable positioning and navigation system.

  • VPX Computing

    VPX Is Designed For Mission-Critical Signal Intelligence, Radar & Surveillance Applications In The Most Demanding Battlefield Environments.

  • Shared Computing & Virtualisation

    Multi-CPU computing systems, ideal for virtualisation and high-performance computing applications

  • Key Features

    · Control Of Real vs Fake Signals
    · Dual GSG For Live Sky & Spoofer
    · Full Time Sync Control
    · Full Power Level Control
    · Full Position Control (Both Sides)

    Quick Overview

    Through the integration and synchronization of two Spectracom GNSS RF generators, the user has full control of the critical parameters to test the susceptibility to spoofed signals compared to simulated . . .

  • Key Features

    • Real Time GPS Location
    • Improved Safety-of-life
    • Indoor & Underground

    Quick Overview

    Zone-based Indoor Location with GPS Simulators

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