• Fanless Military Grade PCs

    Extremely rugged fanless industrial computers designed to meet military shock, vibration and EMC standards.

  • Military Rack Mount PCs

    Military grade rack-mount PCs designed and built by Steatite in the UK. Can be customised to meet your specific requirements.

  • GNSS & Inertial Positioning

    Compact VITA-75 GNSS-aided inertial positioning system with integrated master clock capability. Ideal for military applications.

  • Timing Systems

    Highly accurate master clocks offering resilient time and synchronisation in both fixed and mobile applications.

  • VPX Mission Critical Computing

    VPX CPU blades and graphics cards, along with custom designed chassis, backplanes and complete systems.

  • Shared Computing & Virtualisation

    Edge servers designed for virtualisation and high-density computing applications.

  • Military Grade Printers

    Military Grade laser and inkjet printers tested to military standards for shock, vibration and EMC.

  • Wide Temperature COM Express

    COM Express modules designed for -40 to +85°C operation. HALT tested to ensure long-term reliability.

  • GPS / GNSS Simulators

    GNSS simulators allow you to test GNSS receivers in a repeatable way and in hypothetical scenarios.

  • Key Features

    · Control Of Real vs Fake Signals
    · Dual GSG For Live Sky & Spoofer
    · Full Time Sync Control
    · Full Power Level Control
    · Full Position Control (Both Sides)

    Quick Overview

    Through the integration and synchronization of two Orolia GNSS RF generators, the user has full control of the critical parameters to test the susceptibility to spoofed signals compared to simulated . . .

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