Key Features

    • Modular Rack Mount Design
    • 16 System Support (MCN-1500)
    • Dual Redundant Switch Nodes
    • 8 PCI Express Expansions Slots
    • Adaptive Fan Speed Control
    • 0°C ~ 40°C Operating Temp

    Quick Overview

    The MCS-2080 is a modular rack mount PC designed for media & mass data processing. The MCS-2080 supports the installation of either eight 1/4 width dual system dual processor nodes . . .

  • Key Features

    • 4 Hot Swap Compute Nodes
    • Dual Xeon E3-1275 v3 CPU
    • 16 Hot Swap SDD / HDD Bays
    • 32GB Memory Supported
    • Dual 1600W Redundant PSU
    • 0°C ~ 35°C Operating Temp

    Quick Overview

    The MCS-2040 Media Cloud Server is an Application Ready Intelligent Platform (ARIP) for advanced video applications with high density computing performance that is designed from the ground up to meet . . .