2U rack-mount PCs from Steatite offer the perfect mix of expansion, performance and I/O, while being compact enough to suit a wide variety of applications including video processing, data acquisition and deep learning.

Expansion – 2U PCs with up to 5x full height or 7x low profile PCI or PCI Express slots
Configuration – Industrial 2U rack-mount computers built to your specification
Chassis – Steatite can design a custom 2U chassis in your colours and with your branding
Availability – With 5-15 years availability, our 2U computers are ideal for long-term projects
Compact – Our shallow depth 2U PCs make the best use of the space available
Reliability – 2U PCs based on industrial components and built and tested to the highest standards

Take a look at some example 2U PCs below, or contact one of our team to learn more.