Steatite design and manufacture industrial 1U, 2U and 4U rack-mount computers for use in industrial, commercial and military applications where reliability, long-term availability and consistency are key.

Performance –  Our rack-mount PCs are available with a range of CPUs to best suit your application
Configuration – Built in house in the UK, Steatite’s rack-mount computer can be customised to your spec
Reliability – Built using high quality industrial components, our rack-mount PCs will run 24/7 in harsh environments
Availability – By selecting long life components, Steatite rack PCs are available for up to 15 years
Chassis – Our in-house team can design a rack-mount chassis to suit your technical and branding requirements
Expansion – Offering the most expansion slots in the smallest size is one of the key advantages of our rack-mount PCs

Take a look at some example rack-mount PCs below, or contact one of our team to learn more.

  • 1U Rack Mount PCs

    Compact and highly flexible 1U rack mount pcs. Long-term availability and strict revision control ensures consistent supply.

  • 2U Rack Mount PCs

    2U industrial PCs with multiple expansion slots. Built with high quality components to ensure reliability.

  • 4U Rack Mount PCs

    Industrial 4U computers for applications requiring significant I/O expansion. Built and tested in the UK.

  • Rack Mount Storage Servers

    Industrial storage servers offering up to 24 hot swap drives bays. RAID and redundant power for peace of mind.

  • Fanless Servers

    Fanless servers offering high performance and flexible expansion. Ideal for use in transportation and military applications.

  • Blade Servers

    Blade servers offering multiple nodes in a single housing. Perfect for broadcast, virtualisation and high-density computing.

  • NDURA-4PMG-Q170

    Key Features

    • 6th Gen Intel® Core™ CPU
    • Intel® Q170 Chipset
    • 64GB Memory Supported
    • DVI-I
    • PCI / PCIe Expansion
    • 5 Year Availability

    Quick Overview

    The NDURA-4PMG-Q170 is a high-performance 4U multi-expansion rackmount pc designed around the Intel® Q170 chipset for 6th Generation Intel® Core™  Skylake processors.