Many industries & applications require precise time & frequency synchronization. Steatite offer a range of time and sync solutions, from bus-level cards to a modular master clock system, all of which are designed for simple integration into your application.

The highly modular SecureSync timing system allows us to design a timing system around your application, meaning you can select only the timing signals to that you need.

With entry level options using TXCO oscillators, up to OCXO and Rubidium for higher accuracy, our GPS/GNSS based timing solutions are suitable for a range of commercial, industrial and military applications.

Our longstanding relationship with Spectracom means that you will receive exceptional support & care when integrating your solution into your chosen application.

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  • GPS Time & Sync

    Known as a master clock, it is required to keep devices / systems & secondary clocks running consistently & on-time.

  • Bus-Level Timing

    Bus level timing cards that can be easily integrated into PCs and Servers via PCI and PCI express Slots.

  • Time & Frequency Distribution

    High performance, highly manageable & reliable solution for distributing time & frequency signal.

  • Positioning

    Ideal for autonomous vehicles and airborne payloads. It is the GPS + INS that enables a valuable positioning and navigation system.

  • Bus level timing cards that can be easily integrated into PCs and Servers via PCI and PCI express Slots.

  • Key Features

    • Universal PCI Bus Signalling
    • Auto Detects Time Code Inputs
    • ±1μs Accuracy To Input
    • Zero Latency Time Reads
    • IRIG-B Timecode Generator
    • Programmable Frequency
    • Programmable Alarm

    Quick Overview

    The TPRO-PCI-66U is a synchronized timecode reader/generator card. The input timecode format (IRIG-B, IRIG-A, or NASA36) is automatically detected and synchronization to the input timecode is automatic, enabled/disabled through the . . .

  • Key Features

    • 32 Channel GNSS Receiver
    • Precise 1PPS Ouput
    • Precise 10MHz Output
    • OCXO / Rubidium Oscillator
    • Low Phase Noise

    Quick Overview

    The Epsilon Clock Model EC20S provides accurate and stable time and frequency signals for your high-performance synchronization application.

  • Key Features

    • Hot Swap GPS Clock Modules
    • Precise 1 PPS TTL Outputs
    • Precise 10 MHz Outputs
    • Stratum-1 NTP Time Server
    • OCXO Internal Timebase
    • Smart Switching

    Quick Overview

    The Epsilon Clock 22S provides high reliability synchronization solutions with very accurate and stable time and frequency signals.