Quality Assurance

We are driven by quality in every aspect of our business, from goods inwards to support. We are committed to maintaining our ISO 9001:2015 certification and to continually improving the quality of each operation, transaction and interaction with our customers, suppliers and internally within Steatite.

We believe our products and service to be amongst the highest in the industry, a position which is reinforced by continual positive feedback from our customers.

Build Documentation

To ensure every identical system is truly identical, we will create a production document that includes all relevant build instructions, meaning we can build every system in the same way, regardless of who is building it.

This document could include things like BIOS settings, expansion card locations, cable routing, software settings and more.

Continual Improvement

We continuously strive to remain the best in our industry. From the systems and products that we provide to our service and support levels.

We have built an enviable reputation over many years with a pedigree that stretches back to 1985, but through focus and by constantly improving what we do, we can be even better, keeping us not just one but many steps ahead of our rivals.