Key Features

• 19″ Rackmount Chassis
• 6 Slot AdvancedTCA Modules
• 40GB/s Backplane
• Dedicated RTM Cooling
• 0°C ~ 55°C Operating Temp


Quick Overview

The aTCA-H8606C Series is a 6U AdvancedTCA rackmount shelf with five slots that support AdvancedTCA modules & two slots that support two shelf management modules.

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Mechanical Specification

19″ 6U, 6 Slot Standard AdvancedTCA Chassis

Shelf Management

Redundant Pigeon Point Shelf Manager Controller (SHMM 500)
Shelf Manager Controlled Cooling Algorithm
Regulating The Fan Speed In Wide Range
11 x Tacho Monitor Signal Inputs For Fan Monitoring
12 x Digital Thermal Sensors Connected By I2C Bus to Backplane
Onboard Temperature Sensors
TELCO LEDs (Power Good/Critical/Minor/Major Alarm)
TELCO Alarm Contacts (isolated, D-Sub 15 male)
Hot Swap Button
Ethernet Channel Switch To Select Ethernet Connection To The Front Panel RJ45 Port Or Backplane

Cooling System

Hot Swap / Redundant Fan Trays
Cooling Capability 300W For Front Boards & 35W For RTM
High Performance Fans / 4 Fans Per Unit
Each Fan Is Fused & Monitored


40G Full Mesh Fabric Interface
1G Full Mesh Base Interface
Dual-bussed IPMB


Power Distribution Up to 400W Per Slot
Redundant Dual PEM Module (DC Version)
Support Up to Four AC 850W PSU (AC Version)
48VDC Output

Dimension (W x D x H)

482.60mm x 431.15mm x 265.90mm



Operating Temperature

0°C ~ 55°C


PICMG 3.0 R3.0


UL / EN60950-1 / CE / FCC