Key Features

• COM Express Type 10 Mini
• Intel Atom / Celeron CPU
• 8GB Memory Supported
• Supports PCIe Expansion
• SEMA Function Support
• -45°C ~ 85°C Operating Temp*


Quick Overview

The nanoX-BT is a COM Express Type 10 mini module supporting Intel Atom E3800 Series & Intel Celeron N2930/J1900 CPU (Bay Trail). The nanoX-BT is specifically designed for customers who need high-level processing & graphics performance with low power consumption in a long product life solution.

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Part Number


CPU Options

Intel Celeron N2930 Dual Core CPU
Intel Celeron J1900 Quad Core CPU
Intel Atom E3815 Dual Core CPU
Intel Atom E3825 Dual Core CPU
Intel Atom E3826 Dual Core CPU
Intel Atom E3827 Dual Core CPU
Intel Atom E3845 Quad Core CPU


On board SoC


Up to 4GB Single Channel DDR3L 1333 / 1600MHz Soldered Non ECC Memory


3 x PCI Express x1 (Lanes 0/1/2)
Optional PCI Express x4 (In Place Of Gigabit Ethernet)
SMBus (System)
I2C (User)


2 x SATA 3Gb/s Ports (SATA0 / SATA1)
8GB / 16GB / 32GB Optional Soldered On-Module Bootable eMMC Flash Storage
eMMC Feature May Vary Between Operating Systems

I/O Interface

Digital Display Interface (DDI1 / DDI2): DisplayPort / HDMI / DVI
Single Channel (18/24 Bit) LVDS (BOM Option Support For 24 Bit EDID Panel)
eDP Support (Build Option)
Gigabit Ethernet Supported
1 x USB 3.0 (USB 0)
3 x USB 2.0 (USB 1 / USB2 / USB3)
1 x USB 2.0 Client (USB 7)
2 x Serial UART Ports (COM 0/1) –  COM 0 Supports Console Redirection
8 x GPIO (4 x GPO & 4 x GPI)


Standard ATX /AT Input: 12V / 5Vsb
Wide ATX / AT Input: 5V ~ 14V (Standard Temperature Only)

Operating Temperature

Standard: 0°C ~ 60°C
Extreme Rugged: -40 ~ 85°C (Build Option / Intel Atom E38xx Series Only)

Form Factor

COM Express Type 10 Mini Size


84mm x 55mm

Shock & Vibration

IEC 60068-2-64
MIL-STD-202F / Method 213B / Table 213-I / Condition A & Method 214A / Table 214-I / Condition D


Thermal Stress
Vibration Stress
Thermal Shock
Combined Test