Key Features

• PCI Express x4 Interface
• 2 Simultaneous Analog Inputs
• 1GB On board Memory
• 14 Bit High Resolution ADC
• Up to 90MHz Bandwidth
• Up to 200MS/s Sample Rate
• 0°C ~ 55°C Operating Temp


Quick Overview

The PCIe-9852 is a 2 channel 14 bit 200 MS/s digitizer for high frequency & wide dynamic range signals with an input frequency up to 90 MHz.

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Trigger Source

External Digital
Analog Inputs

Trigger Modes

Post Trigger / Pre Trigger / Middle Trigger / Delay Trigger

External Digital Trigger Input

Front Panel SMB Connector
3.3V TTL /  5V Tolerance
2.0V Input High Threshold
0.8V Input Low Threshold
-0.5V ~ 5.5V Maximum Input Overload
Rising / Falling Edge Trigger Polarity
20ns Minimum Pulse Width

External Digital Trigger Output

5V TTL Compatibility
2.4V Output High Threshold
0.2V Output Low Threshold
Positive / Negative Trigger Polarity
50ns / 100ns / 150ns / 200ns / 500ns / 1μs / 2μs / 7.5μs / 10μs Pulse Width
Capable Of Driving 50Ω Load

Time Base Options

Internal: On Board Synthesizer
External: CLK IN (Front Panel)

Sample Clock Frequency

Internal: 200M Hz
External: 40M Hz ~ 200M Hz (CLK IN)
<±25 ppm Timebase Accuracy

External Reference Clock Source

Front Panel / SSI

Data Storage / Transfer

1GB On Board Memory (Shared Among The Two Analog Inputs)
Scatter-Gather DMA Data Transfer

On Board Reference

+5V & +2.5V On Board Reference Voltage
< 3.0 ppm/°C Reference Temperature Drift
15 Minutes Recommended Warm Up

I/O Interface

2 x SMA For Analog Inputs
1 x SMA For External Trigger Input
1 x SMA For External Trigger Output
1 x SMA For External Clock Input

Dimensions (W x H)

167.64mm x 106.68mm

Operating Temperature

0°C ~ 50°C


CE / FCC Class A