Key Features

• PCI Express Interface
• 8 Simultaneous Channels
• 24 Bit Sigma-Delta ADC
• 192 kS/s Sampling Rate
• 110 dB Dynamic Range
• 0°C ~ 55°C Operating Temp


Quick Overview

The PCIe-9529 is a high-performance, high density, 8 channel analog input dynamic signal acquisition module. The PCIe-9529 features eight 24 bit simultaneously sampling analog input channels.

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Analog Input

8 Simultaneous Analog Input Channels

Trigger Sources

Software Trigger
Analog Trigger
External Digital Trigger

Trigger Mode

Post Trigger
Delay Trigger

Delay Trigger Timebase

125 MHz PCI Express Clock

Sample Clock Timebase

10 MHz Internal On board Synthesizer
External SSI

Data Storage & Transfer

Scatter Gather DMA Data Transfer
2048 Samples For Each Channel

On board Reference

+5.000 V On board Reference Voltage
< 5.0 ppm/°C Reference Temperature Drift
15 Minutes Recommended Warm up

I/O Interface

8 x SMB For Analog Inputs
1 x SMB For External Digital Input

Bus Interface

PCI Express x4 (Gen 1)

Dimensions (W x H)

167.64mm x 106.68mm

Operating Temperature

0°C ~ 55°C


FCC Class A