Key Features

• PCI / ISA / Mini PCI Expansion
• POST Code Diagnostics
• Disk-On-Chip & CF Card Support
• Secondary Multi I/O
• Audio Amplifier


Quick Overview

The ETX-Proto is an ETX Reference Carrier Board in standard ATX form factor. Together with the ETX module of your choice and off-the-shelf add-on cards, you can quickly emulate the functionality of your desired end product for software development and hardware verification.

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Part Number


Core Module Interface

ETX ver 2.7 (3.0)

Board Form Factor

304.8 mm x 190 mm (ATX)


4 x PCI Slots
3 x ISA Slots
1 x Mini PCI Slot

I/O Interface

1 x Parallel
1 x VGA
1 x Gigabit Ethernet
1 x Serial RS-232/422/485
4 x USB 2.0
3 x Audio (Mic In / Line In / Line Out)
PS/2 for Keyboard & Mouse

Secondary Multi I/O

Onboard header supporting 36-bit LVDS
TV Out Onboard Header For PAL/NTSC TV
TV Out (NTSC, PAL) – LVDS 32 Bit
Up to 2 x Floppy Drives
1 x Serial RS-232 (COM3) – 16550 Compatible
1 x  Serial RS-232/422/485
Compatible Port (COM4)
1 x  IrDA Header
Secondary Parallel
F75111R Provides 20 GPIO

POST Code Display

LED: 2 Digit / 7 Segment LED Display
Function: Displays POST (Power On Self Test) Code