Key Features

• 1000 Hz Simulation Iteration Rate
• Live Sky Time Synchronisation
• High-end Performance
• Intuitive API
• Scalable & Highly Flexible
• On-the-fly Scenario Reconfiguration
• 6 DoF Receiver Trajectories


Quick Overview

BroadSim Defense is revolutionizing the GNSS industry because of its extraordinary flexibility, low cost and ability to achieve rapid development cycles.

By leveraging Skydel’s 1000Hz SDX navigation engine and COTS radios, it can simulate encrypted and unencrypted GNSS signals at the same time, at a fraction of the cost of comparable simulators.

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Product Code

BroadSim Defense


1000 Hz simulation iteration rate
Live sky time synchronization
High-end performance (precision, resolution, ultra-high dynamic motion)
Simulate hundreds of satellites in real-time, using off-the-shelf graphics cards (GPU)
Differential GNSS and multi-vehicle simulation (RealTime Kinematics – RTK)
Comprehensive and intuitive API (Python, C# and C++ open source client)
Scalable and highly flexible architecture using software-defined radios
On-the-fly scenario reconfiguration
6 DoF receiver trajectories

Supported GPS Signal Types

GPS Open Codes: L1-C/A, L1-P, L2-P
GPS Encrypted Codes: L1-Y, L2-Y, L1-M-AES, L2-M-AES

Signal Propagation & Errors Simulation

Multiple ionospheric models
Multiple tropospheric models
Transmitter/receiver antenna pattern models
Relativistic effects
Additive pseudorange ramps
Satellite clock error modification
Navigation message errors

Signal Specifications

Signal Dynamics
Maximal relative velocity: 120,000 m/s
Maximal relative acceleration: no limits
Maximal relative jerk: no limits

RF Signal Level
Max RF signal output: -10 dBm (no external attenuators)
Min RF signal output: -170 dBm
Range (per satellite) relative to reference level: -45 to +15dB
Additional range (applied to all satellites): 0 to +35dB

Advanced Jamming

Jamming signals generated within BroadSim
Unlimited number of jamming signals generated on 1 RF output
Each jamming signal can have different power levels, modulations, and locations
Complete jamming control through the SDX GUI and/or API
Option to specify the location and power of jamming transmitters
BroadSim calculates the jamming power at the receiver based on the location and jamming parameters.
Select various propagation loss models
Ability to model Blue Force Electronic Attack (BFEA)