Key Features

• Hot Swap GPS Clock Modules
• Precise 1 PPS TTL Outputs
• Precise 10 MHz Outputs
• Stratum-1 NTP Time Server
• OCXO Internal Timebase
• Smart Switching


Quick Overview

The Epsilon Clock 22S provides high reliability synchronization solutions with very accurate and stable time and frequency signals.

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Product Code


Frequency Output (10MHz)

Please Refer To The Frequency Output (10MHz) Table On Datasheet

Time Output (1PPS)

Please Refer To The Time Output (1PPS) Table On Datasheet


Please Refer To The Miscellaneous Table On Datasheet

Operating Features

Fast Warm Up >20 Minutes For SFN Mode Compliant Operation
Permanent Self Test Of Main Functions
Automatic Switching On Internal or External Failure
Status Display By LEDs:
– GPS Locked
– Clock Status
Full Remote Control By SNMP
Alarm Information On Relay Contact


Active GPS Antennas & Cables
Lightning Protections / In-Line Amplifier / Splitters


Separate Clock Module

Dimension (mm)

483mm x 400mm x 88mm


<6.5 kg

Operating Temperature (°C)

0°C ~ 40°C


EN 300 386
EN 55022
RoHS Compliant