Key Features

• Low Size, Weight & Power
• Accurate In All Conditions
• GNSS-aided Inertial Navigation
• Conduction Cooled
• MIL-STD 810G Shock & Vibration
• -40°C to 65°C Operating Temp

Quick Overview

The Orolia VersaPNT combines a GNSS receiver, inertial measurement technology and high-performance timing oscillators to provide Assured PNT in GNSS-degraded and denied environments.

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Part Number

Orolia VersaPNT

Time & Frequency Performance

Please Refer To The Time & Frequency Performance Table On Datasheet


Please Refer To The Interfaces Table On Datasheet

Navigation Perfomance

Please Refer To The Navigation Perfomance Table On Datasheet

Timing Inputs

GNSS L1, 72 Channel Receiver:
– SMA Connector (5 VDC to GNSS Antenna)
Optional SAASM GPS, L1/L2 GPS:
– Adds Keyloader Connection
DCLS Configurable Inputs (TTL level / 10 V):
– 1PPS
– IRIG B DCLS, HaveQuick
Time of Day Message (NMEA0183 / HaveQuick):
– Over RS232, RS485
Network Inputs:
– NTP Stratum 2
– IEEE1588 v2 Slave

Timing Outputs

DCLS Configurable (up to 3x TTL Outputs / 1x 10 V Output):
– 1PPS (Any Pulse Up to 10 MHz)
– IRIG B Unmodulated / HaveQuick
RS232 & RS485:
– NMEA 0183 Time Of Day Message (GPZDA, GPRMC)
– HaveQuick
Frequency (x 1):
– 10 MHz, Sine, +0 dBm, SMA Connector
Network Interface (10/100/1000bT):
– NTP Server (v3 / v4)
– PTP IEEE1588 v1 / v2 Master

Operational Readiness

1PPS Time Of Day Available (Hot Start):
– 60 s: 1ms accuracy to UTC
– 200 s: 1μs accuracy to UTC

Management & Monitoring

User / Local:
– Power & Status LEDs on Front Panel
– USB: ASCII Command Line Interface
– User / Remote (LAN):
– Status, Configuration, Event Log, Software Update Through Web Pages
– Machine / Remote (LAN):
– SNMP v2, v3 (Get, Set, Traps): JSON RPC

Network Security

Password Protected Administration Accounts
SSL/SSH-based https / ftps Protocols Supported For Secured Access to User Interface
NTP Implementation Supports MD5 / Autokey

Network Synchronization

NTP v2 / v3 / v4:
– Conforms with or exceeds RFC 1305 & RFC 5905.
– Supports Unicast, Broadcast, Multicast, Peering, Stratum 2, MD5 Encryption & Autokey)
PTP v1 & v2:
– Master and/or Slave (Conforms With Default Profile IEEE 1588).
– Supports Layer2 / Layer 3, Unicast / Multicast
– VICTORY Standard Compatible


10V – 32V DC Input Voltage
10W Typical Power Draw (18 W With MAC Oscillator)
0.4W Standby Mode (Only Oscillator Is Powered)
DC Power Supply Must be Within 10.5V – 12V DC


Tested according to MIL-STD-461F

Operating Temperature

-40°C to +65°C

Dimensions (W x H x D)

147.3 mm x 127.5 mm x 63.0 mm


0.91 kg


On A Plate, Optimized For Conduction Cooling (6 Through Holes)


MIL-STD-810G Certified
IP65 Rated
RoHS / WEEE Compliant