Key Features

• Centimeter Level Positioning
• Multiple IMU & GNSS Configs
• SAASM GPS Option
• High Navigation Output (125 Hz)
• MIL-STD 810G Shock & Vibration
• -40°C to 85°C Operating Temp


Quick Overview

Geo-iNAV is offered in several configurations designed to meet a wide range of inertial navigation application requirements, available for both commercial and military applications.


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Geo-iNAV Configurations

Please Refer To The Geo-iNAV Configurations Table On The Geo-iNAV Datasheet

IMU Performance

Please Refer To The IMU Performance Table On The Geo-iNAV Datasheet

Position Accuracy

Please Refer To The Position Accuracy Table On The Geo-iNAV Datasheet

Dynamic Attitude Accuracy

Please Refer To The Dynamic Attitude Accuracy Table On The Geo-iNAV Datasheet

Output Rates Through Serial

Please Refer To The Output Rates Through Serial Table On The Geo-iNAV Datasheet


External Power Connector
TNC GPS Antenna Connector
SMA RF Connector For Optional Internal Data Link
1 x Ethernet Data Port
3 x RS232 Serial Ports
1PPS Output
IMU Connector For External IMU
4 Status LEDs

Data Recording / Logging

Navigation Solutions:
– Position,
– Velocity
– Attitude,
– Angular Rate
Raw GPS & IMU Data (For Post Processing)
Full Diagnostics


10V ~ 30V DC Voltage Input
5W Internal IMU
10W to 13W External IMU (External IMU Powered By Main Unit)

Wireless Communications Options

Internal TDMA Data Link (Various Frequencies Available)
Support For External Data Link Via Ethernet Or Serial

External IMU Support

KVH 1750 Is Standard In Advanced Configurations.
Geo-iNAV Configurations Can Be Proposed With:
– Honeywell HG1900
– Honeywell HG1700
– Honeywell HG9900
– Litton LN200
– Other IMU’s On Request

RTK Algorithm

Precise Instantaneous Network (PIN)
Positioning With Geodetics’
Epoch-by-Epoch Technology

Safety & Diagnostics

Internal Safety & Monitoring Systems
Internal BIT With Operator Notification

Operating Temperature

-40°C to 85°C

Dimensions (L x W x H)

120 mm x 100 mm x 46 mm


570 g