Key Features

• cPCI Interface
• 2 Indepandant CAN Ports
• 16MHz CAN Controller Frequency
• 2500VRMS Isolation Protection
• 1Mbps Programmable Transfer Rate
• 0°C ~ 60°C Operating Temp


Quick Overview

The cPCI-7841 is a Controller Area Network (CAN) interface card. It supports a dual port CAN’s interface that can run independently or bridged at the same time. The built in CAN controller of this card is Philips SJA1000 which provides bus arbitration & error detection with auto correction & re-transmission function.

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Product Code


Number Of Channels

2 CAN Channels (V2.0 A/B)

CAN Controller


CAN Transceiver


Isolation Voltage

2500 VRMS

I/O Interface

Dual 5 Pin Screw Terminal Connectors

Operating Temperature

0°C ~ 60˚C


+5V @ 400mA

Dimensions (H x L)

100mm x 160mm