Reliability & Consistency

Documentation. End-Of-Line Checks. Testing.

Stress Testing

Every industrial PC built at Steatite goes through a thorough stress testing process to ensure any faulty components are identified during build and can be replaced and retested before delivery to you or your customer. Test records are kept for every system we build.

End Of Line Checks

In addition to stress testing, we perform a number of end-of-line checks, including I/O port functionality, wireless connectivity (when present), software and BIOS configuration check, and a physical quality check. A test sheet is completed for each system and is signed off by both the person who built the system and the team leader, ensuring full accountability and traceability.

Custom Test Procedures

If you have specific test procedures that need to be performed on a system, we can perform them in-house at Steatite, potentially saving you time and money.

Build Documentation

To ensure consistency of every system we build, detailed build instructions are created that describe each step of the assembly process, while highlighting any special build or test requirements that you may have.

Revision Control

Our strict revision control procedures mean that no change can be made to the configuration of your embedded PC without your approval, further ensuring that every system we deliver to you is identical.

Lifecycle Management

As and when components are discontinued, we will provide advance notice to allow you to qualify replacement parts in plenty of time, or to place a last-time-buy order, if no alternatives are available.

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