System Branding

Colour. Branding. Labelling. Packaging.

Chassis Colour & Logo

Creating the right first impression and standing out from the crowd can be the difference between winning or losing an order. We understand that as an OEM you may want systems finished in your company colours and branded with your logo, creating a product that is uniquely your own.

Packaging Logo

The ideal accompaniment to a branded chassis is to have it arrive in your own branded packing cartons, further helping to reinforce your company identity.


System serial number labels can be customised with your part code, logo and contact details, plus the serial number itself can follow your specific format.

BIOS Splash

Having a system show your company logo on boot, instead of a generic POST screen, is great way to ensure that your company name is always in the mind of the user.

Windows Branding

The final piece to the branding puzzle is having Windows branded in your company colours and with your wallpaper. We can also configure Windows so that it loads your application in place of Windows Explorer, meaning the user would not be able to tell they are using a Windows PC.

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