Touchscreen Panel PCs & Monitors

High Performance. Fully IP Rated. Robust. Touchscreen.

Available in a range of screen sizes and with both high performance and low power processors, our industrial panel PCs can be easily configured to suit your specific requirements, while ensuring both long-term supply and many years reliable operation.

Available in semi-industrial, industrial, fully IP-rated configurations to best suit the environment where they will be used.

Our Panel PCs & Monitors…

Rugged panel PCs ideal for use within heavy industrial environments. Available with fanless & high performance processors.

Cost effective and stylish touchscreen computers. Ideal for commercial, retail and light-industrial applications.

Fully IP Rated Panel PCs

IP65/66/69K rated stainless steel panel PCs. Perfect for use in marine and food & beverage applications.

Open Frame Panel PCs

Bezel-free touchscreen PCs designed for seamless integration into a custom housing, such as a kiosk or vending machine.

Android Panel PCs

Touchscreen panel PCs running Android. For use in light industrial applications such as digital signage or point-of-sale.

Industrial Monitors

Heavy duty monitors with rugged metal construction. Designed for reliable 24/7 operation.

Panel PC Customisation

System Configuration

If you can’t find an off-the-shelf panel PC to meet your requirements, then we can design something from the ground up, giving you a product that is uniquely yours.

I/O Expansion

The majority of our touchscreen PCs can be easily customised with additional I/O ports, allowing us to offer a neat, all-in-one PC solution.

System Branding

To help your product stand out, we can incorporate your company logo, colours and branding into the design of your touchscreen computer.

Full System Design

If you have a particularly unique set of requirements for your touchscreen PC, we can design a solution from the ground up to give you what you need.

Ensuring Consistency & Reliability 

Long Term Supply

Our panel PCs are available for up to 15 years, which helps to minimise R&D costs, while simplifying support & maintenance.

Strict Revision Control

No configuration or specification changes will be made to your touchscreen computer without your consent.

Production Testing

Thorough production tests & checks are performed on every all-in-one computer to help maximise reliability.

Operating System Installation

We can install your custom O/S image onto your touchscreen PC during manufacture to save you time and money.

Custom BIOS

A custom BIOS with your defaults and company logo can help make the panel PC more suited to your application.

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