Rail Transportation

Computing for on-train and track-side applications

There is a lot to consider when looking to install computing hardware onto a train or into a track-side application, with safety being number one, closely followed by long-term reliability.

Steatite has the experience and capability to design systems to meet these challenges, while meeting the commercial requirements and delivery
timescales of your rail project.

CCTV Video Recorder

Fanless rail-approved computer system with dual removable video storage drives and up to 8 M12 PoE Ethernet ports.

Passenger Information System

On train display computer supporting 24V and 110V DC input for passenger information and digital signage.

Facial Recognition System

Rail certified fanless computer with Nvidia graphics card for real-time on-train facial recognition.

Driver Display Interface

EN50155 certified touchscreen computer to interface to on train systems including CCTV, passenger information and WiFi.

On Train Ticketing

On board ticketing equipment needs to be easily portable, fast, and rugged to be able to withstand the punishment of daily use on-board a moving train. Unhindered connectivity with other equipment, such as mobile devices, ease and speed of ticket issue, extended battery life and in-built features to combat potential ticket tampering are all important considerations.

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